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Restaurant Consultation- Odeen's

Posted:July 3, 2018 | Tags: Hello Ridgefield

GREAT start to our consultation this week with Hello Ridgefield and restaurant partners Marshall Odeen / John Lloyd of Odeen’s Restaurant & Catering. We’re focusing initial efforts on supply chain optimization, cost management, labor/production modeling & an expanded marketing platform.

Consulting at Odeen's spotlighted some GREAT best practices that ALL operators would be well advised to capitalize on. Here are a just a few:

1. Be passionate about what you do- most of their items are...

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Run the Numbers

Posted:July 25, 2018

Excited about my NEW collaboration with Luna Rossa Restaurant & chef Andre Gainer! We’ve partnered to complete a cost, margin & contribution analysis for their Fall menu launch.  Nice to know but not exactly sexy you say?  I’d say launching a NEW menu any other way would be insanity. Here’s why…

• Theoretical plate costs will help Andre identify concerns BEFORE the menu goes live
• The Gross Profit Margin review will confirm menu selling prices are appropriate & deliver the necessary levels...

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