The crippling effects of Covid19 on our industry and society in general have been well catalogued. While the full story remains a work in progress it has become pretty clear that this is (at the very least) the SECOND greatest story ever told! When did we first begin to hear about the “Corona virus”? How much longer will we focus all of our personal & professional energy on Covid19?  I can't say for certain but will share that I have definitely had my fill of the daily briefing!  Figured it's high time to refocus this blog on the inevitable return to industry normalcy.  

Here’s my post Covid playbook.

Like every great plan it’s short enough to write on a napkin and simple enough to explain to the c-suite in an elevator.

1. Begin (again) with the customer in mind. Really. Let’s go ahead and redefine world hunger. If we coordinate events in the Caribbean let’s get back on the beach and confirm that the color of the sand hasn’t changed. What specific shade of white are we talking here? Every management philosophy I’ve studied states that it’s critical to start with the customer. Run an internet search on the inverted leadership pyramid. The Kano model. Read the “NEW Strategic Selling” (a personal favorite) and remember that hospitality leadership ALWAYS begins & ends in solving client problems.

2. Define what GREAT looks like, then go make it GREAT every single time. I don’t care if you build supercomputers or make hot dogs for a living. Form follows function. Be obsessed with improvements every day. Embrace the Kaizen philosophy. I’m talking about killing it here folks because markets are won on greatness, consumers have options and their attention spans are shorter that ever.

3. Tell the story. Rededicate the right resources and message like it’s your first networking event and nobody knows your name! We’re bombarded with facts, figures & anecdotes 24/7/365. If we start with the client, define the problems and develop GREAT solutions the story starts to write itself. Be focused, be quick and be relevant.

Anxiously awaiting a return to normalcy?

Ready to kickstart the post covid-era of foodservice & hospitality leadership?

Go ahead and get your napkin out. Start drafting that business plan. Just be sure to use a cocktail napkin and not one of those fourfold dinner specials. The best plans are always the simplest, that elevator ride is only 20 seconds long and c-suite executives only want the highlights anyway! :)