I’ve been thinking a lot about timing and results lately. More time can’t be created, and in the end, from a business perspective, it’s results that ultimately matter.

7 months into a new role with a growing organization I’m asking myself “what have you accomplished” thus far, and how are you prioritizing your time?

Helping to lead an organization dead set on being Numero Uno in our space is SO gratifying! Everyone is challenged to raise the bar at every touchpoint. We use words like ELEVATE and EXPERIENCE. I’ve always been fond of the word EXCEPTIONAL.  It describes the level of excellence I’ve always asked my teams to achieve. Any which way you slice it I am stoked to be contributing to the success of an optimistic group grabbing market space left and right.

Amidst the turmoil of the day-to-day, I’m always trying to recenter myself on a few key principles of leadership success. Top of mind for me this week? Measuring efforts against results..I stopped myself cold this very afternoon with the question.  

My calendar has been filling up and its both refreshing & humbling to scrutinize my own performance to standard!

"Never confuse efforts with results". Two very trusted mentors have both shared that same advice! PS, they were both wildly successful in their chosen pursuits!