Meet John Wiese. His official title is CEO but he’s an operator at heart. This guys’ a 2nd generation family fisherman from Alaska who’s probably more comfortable wearing foul weather gear on one of his boats than he is wearing a business suit! I had the pleasure of meeting John on a recent trip to Boston. Sourcing and serving great products are passions of mine, and meeting guys like John, who share similar values and have figured out how to run profitable enterprises in a high quality, sustainable way is inspiring.

Imagine growing up fishing your family’s boat in the pristine, protected, ice cold waters of the Prince William Sound and Copper River Flats. Waters that are recognized as some of the best wild seafood hunting grounds on the planet.

How much respect for the water is gained?  How much experience is forged over decades of handling the local bounty?

His sustainable business practices and support of local watershed projects ensure future generations will enjoy some of the world’s best wild salmon, halibut & black cod. The care his team puts into their work has me super stoked to collaborate with John this summer. I’m looking forward to offering his premium, limited availability products to East Coast restaurants & clubs through my new business partnerships.

I can’t wait to experience the amazing products coming out of those arctic waters!

Now if I can just decide which product to try first…always been a sucker for a nice piece of codfish (or is that sablefish)!