Inspired chefs have a knack for taking great quality products & simple preparations to the next level. Jonathan Gibbons does just this with his newly minted Fryborg Restaurant menu concept. Smack dab in the center of sleepy little Devon, CT lies this storefront sandwich joint worth visiting!

Jonathan’s concept centers on traditional Belgian Frites (classically prepared French Fries in case ya didn’t know), unique sandwich combinations & CT’s favorite smoked sausage, the Hummel’s hot dog! Sprinkle in a few handmade dipping sauces, an AWESOME veggie burger & cane sugar-based craft sodas and voila, lunchtime monotony becomes a thing of the past.

This bricks and mortar gem compliments Jonathan’s food truck and catering operation and will delight the senses. Go hungry, be patient and enjoy the experience. Most menu items are prepared and cooked to order.

Here’s the link to short term culinary happiness: