GREAT start to our consultation this week with Hello Ridgefield and restaurant partners Marshall Odeen / John Lloyd of Odeen’s Restaurant & Catering. We’re focusing initial efforts on supply chain optimization, cost management, labor/production modeling & an expanded marketing platform.

Consulting at Odeen's spotlighted some GREAT best practices that ALL operators would be well advised to capitalize on. Here are a just a few:

1. Be passionate about what you do- most of their items are house made in small batches. 
2. Keep it fresh- originally built on a Memphis BBQ platform Odeens has evolved to include international grill, fresh New England seafood and English pub favorites.
3. Capitalize on market trends- rotating craft beer and lately, “Open Fire” prepared menu items.
4. Reach new customers & revenue streams- experimenting with takeout & sous vide cooking to allow for freezing/offsite home meal replacement packaging.
5. Partner with local producers- hand rolled brioche from an Australian specialty baker, house made “Bronx Banger” sausages marinated with Bronx Summer Ale. Their credo could be characterized as “local helping local”.
6. Be Social- creating and maintaining a social media presence to tell their story.

Operating a successful restaurant demands time, attention & a unique set of skills.  Partner with experts, deliver an exceptional experience and GROW your business.