Hire for attitude, train for skills? Ok, AND let's also acknowledge the importance of hiring/retaining the RIGHT staffers.

We’ve all experienced the emergency need to fill a position YESTERDAY. People abandon jobs, experience life changing events, and sometimes leave for that extra $.50 cents an hour down the street.

Just need a warm body to fill in a blank on the staffing chart?

Running a seasonal business and just looking to get through the next 2 months?

Be cautious and think twice about staffing.  Positive impressions are everything in the food/beverage world.

• What do clients think about your business when they see a waiter nibbling from the appetizers tray they are supposed to be passing?
• How about that chef with the dirty apron, you know, the one who’s pre-dressing the salad course without wearing gloves? Of how about the chef who’s tasting the sauce the old-fashioned way? (tasting spoons optional?)

Investing in the RIGHT people makes good short & longer-term business sense. The NRA reports that the restaurant industry provided 14.7 million jobs in 2017/18. That’s a whole lotta people so ask yourself who’s on YOUR team, and are they representing YOUR brand effectively?

Be awesome at work every day!